Sonoko Sakai
Sonoko Sakai

Sonoko Sakai’s new cookbook:

Japanese Home Cooking: Simple Meals, Authentic Flavors (Roost Books Fall 2019)



Saturday, January 12, 10-1pm SOLD OUT!!

Saturday, January 26, 3-6pm

Saturday, February 23, 10-1pm 1 spot left!

Let’s make curry from scratch, using fresh whole spices and seeds. We will do our own spice blends and make a curry brick, only ours will be without any preservatives or food coloring. We will then make a chicken and vegetable curry and have it for lunch with sprouted brown rice and home made Fukujinzuke relish - pickles of the seven lucky gods.

$125 per person

Japanese Pantry Basics: Japanese Market Tour and Five course Winter Menu

Saturday, January 26 9am-1pm

I will take you through some of the Pantry section of my upcoming cookbook and cook “Okazu” - pantry dishes. We will first meet at Nijiya market in Little Tokyo at 9am. We will spend about 30 minutes shopping for Japanese ingredients. Then we will meet at my kitchen and use the ingredients to cook a Japanese meal, incorporating the five basic seasonings (sake, soy sauce, mirin, rice vinegar and miso) and 5 basic techniques. You will also learn how to make the basic broth called “Dashi”. We will use the broth to make a hearty pumpkin and onion miso soup, a savory steamed seafood custard with manila clams and wake, rice with chicken and vegetable rice dish, using a Donabe clay pot., vegetable tempura and a palate cleasing sunomono salad. Fee $135

Miso Workshop

Sunday, February 3 230-530pm

This is a hands on miso workshop. You will each make 1 quart of miso using non -gmo Laura’s soybeans. You will take the miso home to complete the fermentation which will take 6 months to a year. But you can start using the young miso when it’s 3 months old. A miso-themed lunch will be served. $135

Photographs by Rick Poon

Winter 2019 Workshops


All my workshops are hands-on format, with tastings of all the dishes. We always sit down to eat what we cooked in class. If there are any leftovers, you can take them home. Bring containers, aprons and kitchen towels.

Location: All my cooking classes are offered in Highland Park (Los Angeles) unless noted.

Registration:  please email me to register. My e mail address is, I will send you a Venmo invoice.Upon payment, you will get further information and meeting place for the workshop. Payment is due in full prior to class.  

Cancellation policy: Please notify me in writing 5 business days before the workshop if you need to cancel or transfer the class. I will give you credit for a future class (valid for 1 year). The fee is non-refundable.


Asian Dumpling Workshop

Saturday, February 2 10-1pm SOLD OUT!

Sunday, March 3 10-1pm

The dumplings in this workshop are easy peasy non-fermented type, using homemade dumpling skin. I will show you how to make vegetable (scallions, daikon) pies, gyoza, Shumai and steamed Chimaki (Japanese style Zongzi -wrapped glutinous rice dumpling in bamboo leaves). We will also make a Mitsumae -mochi dessert with agar jelly and black soybeans. Fee: $125

Oden Hot Pot Workshop

Sunday, February 24 10-1pm Sold out!

Sunday, March 10 10-1pm

Oden is the most popular hot pot in Japan. It consists of fish fritters, kombu pork roll, mochi stuffed tofu pouches, cabbage rolls, konnyaku and a variety of root vegetables. I don't care for the preservatives that are added to factory made oden ingredients. I make my own fish fritters. We will make a rich dashi to season the hot pot. We will sit around our creations and enjoy it for lunch. You will also get a basic lesson on Japanese donabe cooking. Fee $135

Ramen Workshop

Sunday, January 13 230-530pm 1 spot left!

Saturday, March 9 930-1230 NEW!!!

We will make the noodles from scratch, using a blend of local grains. Toppings will include yakibuta,braised pork belly and seasonal vegetables. The soup will be made with - pork bones, chicken, shiitake and kombu based broth.  Vegans and Vegetarian options are available upon request. 

$135 per person.

You will take home two servings of noodles. Tastings of ramen during class.

Photo by Ben Hunter for KCET The Migrant Kitchen

Hands on Soba Workshop at Highland Park location

Sunday, January 13 10-1pm Sold Out!

Sunday, February 3 10-1 pm

Sunday, February 24 230-530pm

Eat Soba in December to bring good luck and good health in the New Year. Eat soba all year around for good luck and good health! The workshop will be three hours of soba yoga! Learn how to make soba noodles from scratch using new crop soba flour from Japan. You can make it with 100% buckwheat flour or 20/80 buckwheat and wheat blend. You will learn to make the soup and sauces and the toppings will be a protein with seasonal vegetables. Fee: $125. Take home 2 servings.

Soba Workshop at Poketo at the ROW


Saturday, March 2, 11-2pm at Poketo at the Row location (Register with Poketo) 

to Jul 29



Workshops and Presentations to include in-bakery milling, wheat and women: three vignettes from history, lamination with whole grains, whole wheat ramen noodles, bee keeping, home baked whole grain bread, recipe writing, heirloom and modern wheats, cooking for Olympic athletes, new school agriculture: the legal challenges of creating non-commodity success, working with culinary malts, rural-urban and farm-food movement issues, production baking, Persian flatbreads, plant breeding, challenges and research needs for small to mid-sized milling operations, crackers, and success can be brutal!  And more….

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