Sonoko Sakai
Sonoko Sakai

All my workshops are hands-on format, unless noted in the description. We will have a tasting lunch. Bring containers, aprons and kitchen towels.

Location: All my cooking classes are offered in Highland Park (Los Angeles) unless already noted on this website.

Registration:  please email me to register at Upon payment by Venmo or Paypal, I will send detailed information about the venue.

Dietary Restrictions: Please let me know if you have any dietary restrictions before you register for the workshop.

Cancellation policy: The fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Waiver: You will be asked to sign a waiver in class.

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Photos by Rick Poon for my upcoming cookbook Japanese Home Cooking.

Kakiage Tempura

Kakiage Tempura


Saturday, July 13 9-Noon NEW! (June 29 workshop has moved to July 13.)

You love deep fried foods but you are afraid of dealing with the hot oil and the clean up? You have tried deep frying but the food doesn’t come out crispy as you would like it to be? This may be the right workshop for you, because I used to have that fear, too. Join me for a 3 hour workshop. We will make Vegetable and shrimp Kakiage Tempura with dipping sauce, tonkatsu (pork) croquettes with tonkatsu sauce and Tatsuta style soy marinated deep fried chicken and serve it with mochi waffles and Yuzu Kosho Maple Syrup. Fee: $145.


Sonoko Sakai’s new cookbook: Japanese Home Cooking: Simple Meals, Authentic Flavors (Roost Books November 19, 2019-Preorder available on


JAPANESE CURRY and Curry Brick

Saturday, June 8 9-Noon

Let’s make curry from scratch, using fresh whole spices and seeds. We will do our own spice blends and make a curry brick, only ours will be without any preservatives or food coloring. We will then make a chicken and vegetable curry and have it for lunch with sprouted brown rice and home made Fukujinzuke relish - pickles of the seven lucky gods. To register, please Email $125 per person


Umeboshi Pickles Workshop, Sunday, May 26, 430-730pm NEW!!!

Just got word from Farmer Penny Nicohls in Fresno that the Ume plums are ripening nicely. They are plump and fragrant, the way I want them for making Umeboshi. Join me this Sunday. I will show you how to make umeboshi. It will take several months to ferment so patience is part of the lesson. Bring a 2 quart cambro container with a lid for your plums. I will also demo how to make plum wine and ume in a sweet syrup. A tasty meal of handmade soba salad with Umeboshi and vegetables will be included in the workshop. $135 To register please email me at Location: Highland Park


Asian Pickles
Sunday, June 16 9-Noon

Check out Father’s Day discount!

This workshop features Asian pickles including an incredibly refreshing summer water kimchi with somen noodles. We will make shio-koji (fermented rice pickle base)- made with Koji, a pro biotic beneficial mold used for making a variety of Japanese seasonings such as miso, sake, vinegar and mirin. I will show you how to make a quick napa cabbage pickle with shio koji as well as how to marinate fish and meat using shio koji. We will also make jars of Amazu pickle (vinegar based pickles) using an assortment of market fresh vegetables and young ginger. We will have a pickling tasting lunch which will include shio koji marinated protein and shio koji seasoned mushroom rice. Fee: $135. If you bring your father along to the pickles workshop, father gets to participate for 50% discount.

Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet) or Eggplant Cutlet with Japanese Curry (from scratch!) Sunday, June 30 9-Noon NEW!

Pork cutlet and curry pair very well together. In this workshop, I will show you how to make Japanese curry from scratch, using fresh whole spices and seeds. We will make our own curry brick, only ours will be without any preservatives or food coloring. The cutlet and curry will be served with Sprouted brown rice and Homemade Milkbread. $135 Contact to register

RAMEN Workshop

Saturday, June 22 9-Noon NEW!

We will make the noodles from scratch, using a blend of local grains. Toppings will include yakibuta,braised pork belly and seasonal vegetables. The soup will be made with - pork bones, chicken, shiitake and kombu based broth.  Vegans and Vegetarian options are available upon request. Noodles will be made with wheat flour. You will take home two servings of noodles. Tasting lunch of ramen during class. $135. To register, please Email


Soba Noodles Sunday, May 26, 10-1pm SOLD OUT.

Saturday, June 9 9-Noon New!

Hand cut soba noodle making. You will also learn how to make the dipping sauce and soup from scratch. Vegetable and Seafood Tempura kakiage will be the topping for the noodles. (Includes a tasting lunch) Fee: $125 E-mail to register.


to Jul 29



Workshops and Presentations to include in-bakery milling, wheat and women: three vignettes from history, lamination with whole grains, whole wheat ramen noodles, bee keeping, home baked whole grain bread, recipe writing, heirloom and modern wheats, cooking for Olympic athletes, new school agriculture: the legal challenges of creating non-commodity success, working with culinary malts, rural-urban and farm-food movement issues, production baking, Persian flatbreads, plant breeding, challenges and research needs for small to mid-sized milling operations, crackers, and success can be brutal!  And more….

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